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This web site is powered by BarracudaDrive, a Barracuda Application Server derivative product. The BarracudaDrive server runs on a SheevaPlug, which is an embedded ARM9 device. Our online domains realtimelogic.com, barracudaserver.com, sharkssl.com, and barracudadrive.com are all hosted on the same 5 Watt device. The SheevaPlug is equipped with a Marvell Kirkwood ARM processor.


BarracudaDrive is, in fact, so light weight that we could choose to host hundreds of domains on the same SheevaPlug. Products derived from the Barracuda Application Server SDK, such as BarracudaDrive, are ideal for low powered devices such as the SheevaPlug.

The SheevaPlug is serviced by NDChost, a colocation service provider in Orange County, California.

BarracudaDrive Benchmarking -- Speed Test

The Barracuda Application Server is extremely fast at dynamic content generation. We compared BarracudaDrive delivering dynamically generated Lua Server Pages to the Apache Server delivering static content. We were able to generate dynamic content much faster than Apache could deliver static content.

Benchmarking Apache and BarracudaDrive

Two minute speed test on a Raspberry Pi:

  • Apache: 26,624 static files
  • BarracudaDrive: 45,577 dynamic pages

See the BarracudaDrive benchmarking results for details.

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