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(Powered by the Barracuda Application Server)


Update: 2018:
We ran the server on a SheevaPlug for 4 years. The FuguHub server is now running on a VPS and powers the domains realtimelogic.com, realtimelogic.net, makoserver.net, fuguhub.com, and barracudaserver.com. We are still green :-)

This web site is powered by FuguHub, a Barracuda Application Server derivative product. The FuguHub server runs on a SheevaPlug, which is an embedded ARM9 device. Our online domains realtimelogic.com, barracudaserver.com, sharkssl.com, and FuguHub.com are all hosted on the same 5 Watt device. The SheevaPlug is equipped with a Marvell Kirkwood ARM processor.


FuguHub is, in fact, so light weight that we could choose to host hundreds of domains on the same SheevaPlug. Products derived from the Barracuda Application Server SDK, such as FuguHub, are ideal for low powered devices such as the SheevaPlug.

FuguHub Benchmarking -- Speed Test

The Barracuda Application Server is extremely fast at dynamic content generation. We compared FuguHub delivering dynamically generated Lua Server Pages to the Apache Server delivering static content. We were able to generate dynamic content much faster than Apache could deliver static content.

Benchmarking Apache and FuguHub

Two minute speed test on a Raspberry Pi:

  • Apache: 26,624 static files
  • FuguHub: 45,577 dynamic pages

See the FuguHub benchmarking results for details.

Need a helping hand?

Our extensive tutorials on embedded web servers and IoT are your roadmap to success. But every journey can have its challenges. Our seasoned experts are here to pave the way if you're pressed for time or hit a roadblock. At Real Time Logic, we equip you with knowledge and offer a helping hand when you need it most. Together, let's achieve the extraordinary!


OPC-UA Client & Server

An easy to use OPC UA stack that enables bridging of OPC-UA enabled industrial products with cloud services, IT, and HTML5 user interfaces.

Edge Controller

Edge Controller

Use our user programmable Edge-Controller as a tool to accelerate development of the next generation industrial edge products and to facilitate rapid IoT and IIoT development.

On-Premises IoT

On-Premises IoT Platform

Learn how to use the Barracuda App Server as your On-Premises IoT Foundation.

Embedded Web Server

Barracuda Embedded Web Server

The compact Web Server C library is included in the Barracuda App Server protocol suite but can also be used standalone.

WebSocket Server

Microcontroller Friendly

The tiny Minnow Server enables modern web server user interfaces to be used as the graphical front end for tiny microcontrollers. Make sure to check out the reference design and the Minnow Server design guide.

WebDAV Server

Network File System

Why use FTP when you can use your device as a secure network drive.

HTTP Client

Secure HTTP Client Library

PikeHTTP is a compact and secure HTTP client C library that greatly simplifies the design of HTTP/REST style apps in C or C++.

WebSocket Client

Microcontroller Friendly

The embedded WebSocket C library lets developers design tiny and secure IoT applications based on the WebSocket protocol.

SMTP Client

Secure Embedded SMTP Library

Send alarms and other notifications from any microcontroller powered product.

Crypto Library

RayCrypto C Library

The RayCrypto engine is an extremely small and fast embedded crypto library designed specifically for embedded resource-constrained devices.

Embedded PKI Service

Automatic SSL Certificate Management for Devices

Real Time Logic's SharkTrust™ service is an automatic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution for products containing an Embedded Web Server.


Modbus TCP client

The Modbus client enables bridging of Modbus enabled industrial products with modern IoT devices and HTML5 powered HMIs.

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