Modbus Protocol

The Barracuda App Server's Modbus TCP client is an Ethernet implementation of the widely supported, widely used Modbus protocol.

The Modbus client has specifically been designed to enable bridging of Modbus products with modern IoT devices, browser based HMIs, and for securely connecting Modbus products to the Internet and to Cloud server providers. In addition, the Modbus client enables application developers to write control logic in the easy to learn Lua scripting language. Application developers can now easily design code for controlling any number of Modbus enabled products.

Modbus to IoT bridge

Adding Security to Modbus

The Barracuda App Server provides a wealth of ready to use secure network protocols such as HTTPS/REST, MQTT, and WebSockets. These modern and secure protocols enable Modbus powered devices to be securely connected to Cloud and Web.

Supported Embedded Operating Systems and Platforms

The Modbus stack is available for all platforms supported by the Barracuda App Server, including: INTEGRITY, VxWorks, ThreadX, RTXC Quadros, QNX, Embedded Linux, Windows CE, embOS, SMX, MQX, and FreeRTOS.