Embedded SMTP Library

SharkSSL includes a tiny Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) C source code library. Our secure SMTP library lets you communicate with any secure SMTP server. It is common to use SMTP as a method for sending notifications from devices, but nowadays most SMTP servers require secure communication. Our SMTP library supports STARTTLS and SMTPS, ensuring compatibility with online services such as Google Mail and Hotmail.

SMTP Software Features:

  • SMTP authentication compliant (RFC 4954)
  • Secure SMTP (SMTPS) compliant
  • STARTTLS compliant (RFC 3207)
  • Supports server authentication with Certificate Authorities Validation
  • Supports client certificate for client authentication

Microcontroller Friendly

The SMTP client is designed for memory constrained microcontrollers such as Cortex M3. We recommend using the Barracuda App Server's SMTP library for larger embedded systems.