Today’s demanding customers expect attractive displays and smartphone-like functionality from all of their devices, including those which are compact and low-powered. This provides a challenge for embedded developers -- the task of delivering this enterprise and smartphone like functionality on microcontroller-based systems.

An enterprise server could potentially solve this problem, but microcontrollers do not have enough "juice" to power these environments. In addition, the enterprise servers are not well suited for such device management. Equally challenging/limiting is the fact that the vast majority of commercial (and non-commercial) web servers do not provide the functionality required to design modern web based applications.

The answer is Real Time Logic software, which delivers fast, enterprise-level web functionality and security for compact, low-power devices. Our products help you meet today’s demands for dynamic, user-friendly interfaces and secure, remote application management for your embedded device.

Which Real Time Logic Product is Right for You?

Real Time Logic Product Description Intended Application

Barracuda Application Server

Complete suite of application/web server development, secure IoT protocols, and security tools for embedded devices

  • Secure IoT Protocol Engine
  • High level scripting engine simplifies design of complex logic
  • Human-to-Machine(H2M) interfaces
  • Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communication

SharkSSL Client & Server

Compact, fast SSL/TLS stack and cryptographic engine to secure communications integrity.

  • Secure/protect any type of communication, including H2M and M2M.


Extremely lightweight embedded crypto library designed specifically for embedded resource-constrained devices.

  • Secure boot.
  • Signature management.
  • General cryptographic management.

SMQ: IoT Protocol

Simple Message Queue (SMQ) is an easy to use "Internet of Things" IoT / M2M "Machine-to-Machine" publish subscribe connectivity protocol designed and optimized for embedded systems.

  • Secure IoT and Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communication

MQTT: IoT Protocol

Secure embedded MQTT library

  • Secure IoT and Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communication

Barracuda Web Server

Compact, industrial-strength web server engine optimized for small, deeply embedded devices

  • Human-to-Machine(H2M) interfaces
  • Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communication

PikeHTTP Client

HTTP(S) client C library (commonly used with SharkSSL for secure communication)

  • IoT and Machine-to-Machine(M2M) communication