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IoT Services

Here's the deal: Designing secure, Web & IoT-enabled embedded products is challenging. As a vendor of IoT and embedded web server technology, we have first-hand experience with the challenges that cause many companies to face project delays, regardless of the underlying products used. That's why having a mentor who can steer you in the right direction is crucial, ensuring your project stays on track and meets all necessary security requirements.

Why Real Time Logic is Your Ideal IoT Partner:

  • Full-Spectrum R&D Support: For companies, Real Time Logic can manage all R&D for their IoT projects. Our team is equipped to handle the complexities of IoT research and development, ensuring that your project is not only innovative but also technically sound and market-ready.
  • Comprehensive IoT Solutions: We go beyond being a service provider. Our IoT products and services encompass consulting, training, and professional services, all designed to create secure and efficient IoT solutions. Partner with us for a journey that transcends traditional service.
  • From Concept to Reality: Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of IoT, from initial design consultation to implementing tailored solutions.

Example consulting project: Green IoT Solution.

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Whatever your origin or objectives, we stand ready to guide you to the ideal solution! Whether you're an innovator searching for the perfect tools, a budding startup aiming to soar, or a well-established enterprise exploring fresh software avenues, we're your trusted ally.

Are you uncertain about the right product or have queries? Feel free to connect. Our passionate team is committed to navigating you through any hardware/software hurdles and pinpointing the optimal solution tailored for you. Let us be your support – we're eager to assist!