Embedded WebSocket Client


SharkSSL includes a tiny and fast Secure WebSocket Client Library. The embedded WebSocket library lets device manufacturers develop tiny secure IoT applications based on the WebSocket protocol. The WebSocket protocol specified in RFC 6455 enables you to develop real time IoT communication between devices and a WebSocket enabled server. The WebSocket protocol provides a secure, persistent, asynchronous, and bi-directional connection between the device client and the server.

Embedded WebSocket Client

Using a standard HTTPS connection for M2M communication can in many cases lead to unpredictable network behavior and server overload. The WebSocket protocol can help you overcome this problem. For further information, see our paper the scalability problem with using HTTPS for M2M communication.

Microcontroller Friendly

The WebSocket client is designed for memory constrained microcontrollers such as Cortex M3. We recommend using the Barracuda App Server's WebSocket libraries for larger embedded systems.