C/C++ Server Pages

Developing server based applications using the Barracuda Web Server is done in C/C++ or by using what we refer to as C Server Pages or CSP for short. CSP is a technology that makes it possible to insert C or C++ code in HTML template files by using special CSP tags. The technology is similar to other server side technologies such as JSP, PHP, ASP, etc. The Barracuda Web Server SDK provides a number of host tools that compile and link CSP files. The tools function similar to a compiler or cross compiler and convert the CSP files to either C or C++ code and to data files. A special linker combines all the data files into one file which is then embedded in your application. The produced C/C++ code is compiled using your standard C/C++ (cross) compiler and the code is then linked with your application.

CSP Page Counter Example:

<%! int count; %>

<%!! count = 1; %>

      You are visitor <%="%d" count++%>.

CSP simplifies and shortens your development time, but Lua Server Pages (LSP) takes your development to the next level.