Barracuda App Server WebSocket Libraries

The Barracuda Application Server provides three WebSocket libraries:

  • WebSocket client library for Lua
  • WebSocket server library for Lua
  • WebSocket server library for C/C++

The client and server WebSocket libraries designed for Lua are included in the high-level socket API. The C WebSocket server library is designed for applications pushing real time data directly from C/C++ code.

All WebSocket libraries can be used in secure mode (SSL/TLS).

WebSocket is a technology that initially starts as HTTP(S) and is upgraded to a persistent connection, thus enabling bidirectional real-time communication between a client such as a browser and the server. As web applications become more sophisticated, WebSocket is becoming more and more popular since it enables a way of building responsive real-time web applications.

See also: SharkSSL WebSocket Client and SharkSSL WebSocket Server.