Barracuda Embedded SMTP Library

Simple Mail Transport Protocol

The SMTP Client is integrated into the Lua Server Pages plug-in that comes with the Barracuda Application Server. The SMTP Client enables embedded devices to send e-mails to any SMTP server.


  • SMTP compliant (RFC 2821)
  • SMTP authentication compliant (RFC 4954)
  • Secure SMTP (SMTPS) compliant
  • STARTTLS compliant (RFC 3207)
  • Supports server authentication with Certificate Authorities Validation
  • Supports client certificate for client authentication
  • Single, multiple, carbon copy, and blind copy address support
  • Sends any type of MIME-based attachment
  • Easy to use command API
  • Supports any type of message such as text, HTML, XML, and JSON
  • Date Header Control
  • Advanced message queuing

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