JSON C/C++ Library for IoT Communication

As we work with the embedded device manufactures we frequently receive questions related to IoT and Machine 2 Machine communications. Subsequently, we also monitor market IoT related discussions and trends, which are often riddled with new protocol introductions. These solutions quite often involve the promotion of XML as a method for encoding/decoding data as a recurring theme.

We believe JSON is much better suited as an IoT encoding/decoding scheme and we have therefore released our JSON C library as an open source library.  JSON is the fat free alternative to XML and is ideally suited for Machine to Machine communication. Our open source JSON library for IoT is optimized for resource constrained systems including bare metal microcontrollers.


A few IoT JSON Usecases:

  • Encode/decode messages sent on a raw TCP/IP connection.
  • Encode/decode messages sent on a WebSocket connection.
  • Encode/decode messages sent via an MQTT topic.
  • Encode/decode messages sent/received via RPC protocols such as HTTP.
Open Source JSON C/C++ Library for IoT Communication

Visit our JSON product page if you would like to get more information on how you can use JSON for IoT comminication.

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