SharkMQ: Secure SMQ Client

SharkMQ™ is simply the secure version of SMQ, the Simple Message Queue Client, which makes use of the SharkSSL TLS stack for maintaining a trusted, secure, and encrypted communication. Designers may use certificates for both device and broker authentication, thus optionally enable mutual authentication by use of X.509 certificates.


The figure to the right shows our bare metal SharkMQ reference platform is a mere 38Kb ROM and 13Kb RAM. The reference platform includes application (demo) code, SharkMQ, SharkSSL, TCP/IP stack, and drivers; all in tiny 38Kb. Also the complete RAM usage for the entire system is only 13Kb. As proof, we have made the linker's map file available for download.

Complete secure IoT solution in 38Kb

The standard SMQ C client library can be downloaded from GitHub.