SharkTrustX - VPN Free and Easy Remote Access

SharkTrustX is a VPN free solution for securely accessing Intranet web servers remotely and for providing secure local access when accessing the web server locally.

SharkTrustX provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate open ports, the primary internet attack surface of IoT devices
  • Simplify remote access; no need for VPN, port forwarding, and other cumbersome solutions
  • No need for creating IoT solutions to supplement external access of Intranet web servers
  • Automates Intranet web server X.509 certificate management
  • Manage, maintain, and supervise products used by your customers
  • Simplifies building Single Sign On (SSO) solutions using Microsoft Azure AD for Intranet Web Servers
  • The free SharkTrustX source code can be downloaded from GitHub

Secure External and Local Access with SharkTrustX

How SharkTrustX Works

SharkTrustX is operated as an online portal providing secure connection bridges to any number of Intranet web servers. SharkTrustX is a free product, and the source code is available on GitHub. The portal can be installed on any cloud solution, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. The portal can be installed and maintained by your company or can be provided as a service by Real Time Logic.

SharkTrustX is an eXtended version of SharkTrust that has been designed for Barracuda App Server powered Intranet products, including embedded devices. SharkTrustX has been designed with extension capabilities in mind and can be used as a base for additional IoT functionality that your solution may require.

The following screenshot shows our SharkTrustX deployment for our demo site "". The user interface can be customized and extended with additional features. One SharkTrustX server can manage any number of domains. For example may have two products: X34 and ZR22. The SharkTrustX instance may then be set up to manage the two products via two domains: and

Figure 1: The online SharkTrustX Demo Service

Get Started with SharkTrustX

Real Time Logic's demo portal lets you easily connect any Barracuda App Server powered product such as the Mako Server to the portal.

See the Mako Server tutorial Secure Remote Access on how to get started.

Trusted Certificates Signed by Let's Encrypt

In addition to enabling secure remote access, the online SharkTrustX service facilitates proof of domain name ownership, thus enabling the Intranet server to automate installation and maintenance of trusted Intranet X.509 certificates. The following figure shows how the Intranet server communicates with Let's Encrypt using the ACME protocol (RFC 8555) and with the online SharkTrustX service.

Let's Encrypt DNS Service

Figure 2: Intranet server communicates with Let's Encrypt and the online SharkTrustX DNS service.

Use Our Services or Do It Yourself

SharkTrustX is an advanced tool that typically requires initial consultation provided by Real Time Logic. Contact us for scheduling an initial consultation. The SharkTrustX GitHub page provides brief installation instructions suitable for an experienced Linux administrator with Ansible experience.

Download SharkTrustX from GitHub