Download Barracuda Application Server and Tutorials

We provide a set of pre-compiled binaries for various platforms. Contact us if you would like to test the product on your own hardware and if you are interested in a source code evaluation.

Fast-Track your Learning

Run the Barracuda App Server Tutorials on our online Virtual Private Server.

Download Instructions

The Barracuda App Server can be embedded in firmware such as a monolithic RTOS image. Most of the downloads we provide are for high level operating systems (HLOS). The pre-compiled HLOS builds include a standalone server called the Mako Server. We provide two RTOS downloads, one for ESP32 and one for Cortex M7. The RTOS downloads include a development tool called the LSP Application Manager.

A recommendation is to initially download the server for your host operating system and run the included tutorials. We also provide many examples on GitHub. Please contact us should you experience any problems with downloading, extracting, or running the server and tutorials.

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Highlights from the included tutorials are:

  • HTML Forms and LSP for Beginners:
    In this tutorial, we look into the basics of server side web scripting and how you can use HTML forms for sending data from the browser to the server.

  • Ajax For Beginners:
    AJAX is all about updating parts of a webpage without having to reload the entire thing. The hands on tutorial makes it super easy to learn AJAX.

  • WebSocket for Beginners:
    WebSocket is a web technology providing a full-duplex communication channel over a single TCP connection. The communication is initiated by using a standard HTTP request which is then morphed into a persistent full-duplex link. This link is similar to a standard TCP connection except that WebSocket is frame based, i.e. packet oriented. Since WebSocket is initially starting out as a HTTP or HTTPS request, WebSocket can be made to bypass proxies and firewalls. WebSocket is also secure if the communication is initiated over HTTPS.

Kickstart Your Device Management Design

When you are done with the tutorials, download our device management dashboard template from GitHub and start developing your Barracuda App Server powered app.

Device management dashboard template