Download Barracuda Application Server and Tutorials

Accelerate your learning by running the Barracuda App Server Tutorials on our online Lua REPL.

Download Instructions

The Barracuda App Server can be embedded in firmware such as a monolithic RTOS image. A source code evaluation version can be downloaded from GitHub, and we also offer pre-compiled downloads for high level operating systems (HLOS) with accompanying tutorials. The HLOS versions use a standalone server called the Mako Server. For RTOS, we provide ready-to-use build projects for the ESP32, i.MX RT1020, and STM32F7 platforms, which include a development tool called Xedge.

We recommend starting by downloading the server for your host operating system and running the included tutorials. We also have many examples available on GitHub. If you have any issues with downloading, extracting, or running the server and tutorials, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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