Download Barracuda Application Server and Tutorials

The Barracuda Application Server provides all the tools necessary for developers to deliver fast, secure, GUI-rich embedded web server applications on compact, low-power devices. The Barracuda Application Server incorporates two server-side scripting languages for designing device-management web applications: C/C++ Server Pages (CSP) and Lua Server Pages (LSP). This combined demo and tutorial focuses on LSP and Lua.

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Highlights from the included tutorials are:

  • HTML Forms and LSP for Beginners:
    In this tutorial, we look into the basics of server side web scripting and how you can use HTML forms for sending data from the browser to the server.

  • Ajax For Beginners:
    This tutorial provides a working example for the RTC Magazine article we had published in December 2011.

  • WebSocket for Beginners:
    WebSocket is a web technology providing a full-duplex communication channel over a single TCP connection. The communication is initiated by using a standard HTTP request which is then morphed into a persistent full-duplex link. This link is similar to a standard TCP connection except that WebSocket is frame based, i.e. packet oriented. Since WebSocket is initially starting out as a HTTP or HTTPS request, WebSocket can be made to bypass proxies and firewalls. WebSocket is also secure if the communication is initiated over HTTPS.

  • Secure IoT (Cloud) Server:
    Learn how to set up your own secure IoT Server/broker, how to create X.509 certificates, and how to validate the certificate by the connected devices.

  • Dynamic Navigation Menu:
    Most web applications include more than one page and it is common to include a menu either on the top of each page or on one side of each page. More complex web applications may include sub menus that are either drop down menus or sub menus created on, for example, the left side of each page. This tutorial gives you a practical introduction in designing your embedded web application's theme and navigation menu.

  • Send e-mails using the SMTP library.

  • Create high-level secure socket applications using the high-level socket library.

  • Use the PikeHTTP (HTTP client library) for M2M communication

  • Set up an advanced inter-process communication channel using the high-level socket library and JSON.

  • An HTML5 Pac-Man game running in a browser and controlled via a telnet client.