Complete Online Documentation

The complete manual for all of our products is available online. The complete manual is also available for download and is included in the Barracuda Application Server Demo. We encourage you to download and read the Introduction and the Getting Started Guide.

Barracuda Application Server Documentation

SharkSSL Documentation

Barracuda Web Server C/C++ and CSP Documentation

The complete C/C++ documentation is included in the online manual, but be sure to spend time in the Lua Server Pages section. Lua offers a much more efficient way to build device-level applications and can dramatically reduce time-to-market and development costs. Lua Server Pages is an embeddable extension language used in both the Barracuda Application Server and the Barracuda Web Server to write applications at a higher level than applications designed in C/C++ code.

Read the "C" Introduction to learn more about the "C" startup code. You can also jump directly to the C Server Pages documentation if you prefer to use "C" code for your web application(s) and not the Lua virtual machine. Notice that CSP requires that you learn the CSP tools and the build infrastructure required by CSP.