Smartphones and tablets have permanently altered user expectations for modern great looking graphical user interfaces. Today’s embedded developers face unparalleled demands for fast, graphically rich, interactive applications in everything from intelligent sensor arrays to web-controlled satellite navigation systems.

These networked embedded devices are often small, resource-constrained, and targeted to highly competitive markets. In addition, with extensive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, security has become critical in the embedded systems that underpin utility grids, building security, transportation systems, industrial networks, and military and aerospace applications.

Embedded Web Applications at Work

Barracuda Application Server software brings powerful embedded web application and IoT capabilities to these devices. By empowering dynamic data exchange between devices, Real Time Logic takes traditional remote device management and control into the 21st century. Developers can create dynamic, data-rich embedded web applications for building and industrial control, consumer products, and military and medical sector products, all with enterprise-level security, and that executes from a microcontroller device.

Our software is hard at work in the following:

  • Military Devices

    Our customers developing military electronics are able to greatly reduce the product cost by providing a web based man machine interface to their devices. A web based user interface eliminates the need for expensive displays on the device. Modern browsers can do just about anything when it comes to providing advanced man machine interfaces.

    An added bonus is that a web based interface also makes it possible to provide secure remote management, including device maintenance and firmware upgrades. Our own TLS/SSL stack provides rock solid security for any device.

  • Industrial Devices

    The Barracuda Application Server is used in industrial controllers, satellite navigation systems, building automation, security access related products, and home automation. Several airports in the United States have security systems managed and supervised by our Application Server.

    Many of our clients design devices that allow the end customer to change and make custom modifications to their product. This is possible thanks to the advanced scripting engine integrated in our software.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Our clients are maximizing their customers' experience with their products by allowing them to easily access and utilize every advanced feature and benefit their products offer.

    With our software you can let your customer use any modern wireless handheld device, or PC, to easily control and configure even the most advanced and sophisticated consumer electronics products.

    Improve your customer satisfaction and product perception by deploying our application server in your device.

  • Medical Devices

    Our customers developing medical electronics are able to provide man machine interfaces that can be remotely managed and supervised by hand held tablet computers. A web based interface can also be managed by physicians thousands of miles away.

    The integrated scripting engine makes designing code more secure since a crash in a script will not bring down the device, only the script running is affected. The scripting engine provides security similar to a MMU and prevents a complete malfunctioning of the device.