Real Time Logic License Models

Open Source Licenses

Real Time Logic products published on Real Time Logic's GitHub page are available under respective open source license models. These products are also available under any of the other commercial license models provided by Real Time Logic.

Free for Small Companies License

Companies with revenues of less than $1mil USD are eligible for our free startup license model. The startup license model may be applied to any Real Time Logic source code and binary products, such as the Mako Server, publicly available for download on a Real Time Logic operated web site and on Real Time Logic's GitHub page.

You may apply for the startup license here:

Note: you do not need to apply for the startup license if you are using the product(s) for non commercial use or evaluation purposes.

Mako Server Binary License

In addition to purchasing the royalty free source code, any of the pre-compiled Mako Server releases can be purchased on a royalty based model. See the Mako Server purchase page for details.

Royalty Free Commercial Source Code License

All Real Time Logic products are available under a commercial license. We provide the following royalty free source code license models. There are no run-time royalties or any other hidden charges.

Single Product

Enables a single product to be developed but sold under different part numbers or model names.

Product Family License

Enables multiple related products to be developed and sold. They may have different functionality and performance, but must be of the same product type.

Microprocessor License

Enables any type of product to be manufactured, as long as it is based on the specified microprocessor.

OEM License

This license allows a compiled library version to be used in a specified OEM product.

Custom License

Sometimes our customers' needs do not fit into any of our standard licenses. We can customize a license that meets your specific needs.

Commercial Source Code License Price Quote

Contact Real Time Logic for more information on our license models or to receive a price quote.