Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
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 MicrocontrollerVarious C libraries for microcontrollers
 selibSocket Library
 SMQClientSMQ C Library
 Error codes returned by function SMQ_getMessage
 Response codes returned by function SMQ_getMessage
 Bare Metal Systems
 Context Manager
 JSON and UBJSONJSON and UBJSON Reference Manual
 JSON ReferenceJSON Reference Manual
 JSON Parser CallbackJSON Parser Callback Interface
 UBJSON ReferenceUniversal Binary JSON Reference Manual
 UBJSON Parser CallbackUBJSON Parser Callback Interface
 IO related API's and implementationThe I/O interface provides a common set of functions for working with files stored in various media types such as data stored on a standard file system, ZIP files, and network files
 Standard I/O functions
 Barracuda pluginsA plugin is normally a resource such as HttpPage or a collection of resources such as a HttpDir. Thus, most plugins extend the functionality in one of HttpPage and/or HttpDir
 C Server Pages
 The Lua Server Pages (LSP) Plugin.
 The HTTP(S) client library.
 Standard Web-Server classesA collection of common classes typically used working with server side scripting
 printf compatible function
 Miscellaneous library functionsThis header file contains functions that are used by the web-server. The functions might also be useful for the code you design. Some of the functions are replacements for functions in the C Standard Library
 Dynamic memory handling.
 Authentication and authorizationPlease see Authenticating and authorizing users for an introduction to the classes in the Authentication group
 Thread handling
 WebSocketsThe Lua socket library (including WebSockets) provides three modes: blocking, asynchronous, and non blocking (cosockets). The C WebSocket Server library provides one mode, the asynchronous mode. Asynchronous sockets means that receiving data is event driven and sending data is blocking (socket is in blocking mode). The concept of using asynchronous sockets is the same for Lua and C code thus consult the Lua documentation for an introduction to asynchronous sockets