Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
Auxiliary API

Detailed Description

The optional Lua code in xrc/lua, header file xrc/lua/lxrc.h.

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 The Lua Thread Library
 See Advanced Lua Bindings, section Calling Lua Code Asynchronously From C Code for how to use this class.


void balua_forkpty (lua_State *L)
 Install the forkpty Lua bindings.
void balua_http (lua_State *L)
 Install the httpc Lua bindings.
void balua_luaio (lua_State *L)
 Install the LuaIo Lua bindings.
void balua_sharkssl (lua_State *L)
 Install the SharkSSL Lua bindings.
void balua_socket (lua_State *L)
 Install the socket Lua bindings.
void balua_relsocket (lua_State *L)
 When the socket Lua bindings are installed and the server application implements a gracefully system exit, C code can call this function.
void balua_crypto (lua_State *L)
 Install the crypto Lua bindings.
void balua_tracelogger (lua_State *L, struct LThreadMgr *tmgr)
 Install the TraceLogger Lua bindings. More...

Function Documentation

◆ balua_tracelogger()

void balua_tracelogger ( lua_State *  L,
struct LThreadMgr tmgr 

Install the TraceLogger Lua bindings.

Lthe state
theoptional LThreadMgr must be set if you plan on using trlogger:onclient(cb)