Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference

Detailed Description

The BaFile API specifies a number of standard I/O functions for working with files. The BaFile API is used by some of the examples in the example directory. The BaFile API is not used by any of the web-server code.

The BaFile API provides functions similar to standard ANSI I/O functions.

Collaboration diagram for Standard I/O functions:


BA_API DirIntfPtr baOpenDir (const char *dirname, int *status, const char **ecode)
 Opens a directory for reading. More...
BA_API int baCloseDir (DirIntfPtr *dirIntf)
 Close a BaDir object.
BA_API int baStat (const char *name, IoStat *st)
 Get information for a directory or file.
BA_API ResIntfPtr baOpenRes (const char *name, U32 mode, int *status, const char **ecode)
 Open a file for binary read.
BA_API int baCloseRes (ResIntfPtr *fp)
 Close a file descriptor.
BA_API int baMkDir (const char *dname, const char **ecode)
 Create directory.
BA_API int baRmdDir (const char *dname, const char **ecode)
 Remove empty directory.
BA_API int baRemove (const char *fname, const char **ecode)
 Remove file.

Function Documentation

◆ baOpenDir()

BA_API DirIntfPtr baOpenDir ( const char *  dirname,
int *  status,
const char **  ecode 

Opens a directory for reading.

Sub-directories may include '.' and '..'