Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
HttpUpload Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The HttpUpload node is responsible for creating and starting HttpUploadNode instances.

The class can create N concurrent HttpUploadNodes, where N is controlled by the 'maxUploads' attribute.

#include <HttpUpload.h>

Public Member Functions

 HttpUpload (IoIntfPtr io, AllocatorIntf *alloc, HttpUploadCbIntf *uploadCb, int maxUploads)
 Initialize an HttpUpload instance. More...
 ~HttpUpload ()
 Terminate the HttpUpload instance and all active HttpUploadNode instances.
int service (const char *name, HttpCommand *cmd, void *userdata=0)
 The HttpUpload service method. More...
IoIntfPtr getIoIntf ()
 Return a pointer to the IoIntf implementation.