Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
HttpServer Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The Web Server.

#include <HttpServer.h>

Public Member Functions

 HttpServer (SoDisp *dispatcher, HttpServerConfig *cfg=0)
 Create a Web Server object. More...
int insertRootDir (HttpDir *dir)
 Insert a root directory node. More...
int insertDir (const char *virtualDirRootPath, HttpDir *dir)
 Insert a directory node into the virtual file system. More...
int insertCSP (CspInit cspInit, const char *virtualDirRootPath, struct CspReader *reader)
 Insert and initialize a CSP Virtual Directory. More...
ThreadMutexgetMutex ()
 Get the dispatcher mutex.
SoDispgetDispatcher ()
 Returns the dispatcher object.
HttpDirgetFirstRootDir ()
 Returns the first root directory. More...
HttpSessionContainergetSessionContainer ()
 Get the HttpSessionContainer.
HttpSessiongetSession (U32 id)
 Returns the HttpSession associated with id or NULL if not found. More...
void set404Page (const char *page404)
 Set a more user friendly 404 page. More...
const char * get404Page ()
 Returns a pointer to the current 404 page, if any.

Static Public Member Functions

static void initStatic (void)
 The only purpose with this function is to clean all static variables that are in the BSS section; i.e., you do not need to call this function if you properly clear your static uninitialized variables.
static void setErrHnd (UserDefinedErrHandler e)
 You can set your own user defined error handler for the web-server. More...
static const char * getStatusCode (int code)
 Return a short description for common HTTP error codes.