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SoDisp Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The SoDisp dispatches any socket connection that contains data by calling the SoDispCon::execute member function in a SoDispCon object.

This class contains the socket dispatcher loop which waits for data on all registered socket connections. A socket connection is stored in a SoDispCon object, and the dispatcher object dispatches the socket connection by calling SoDispCon::execute.

The SoDisp class is platform dependent and may be implemented differently for various operating systems. The "generic SoDisp" is using "socket select" and waits in a loop for the next active socket connection.

#include <SoDisp.h>

Public Member Functions

 SoDisp (ThreadMutex *mutex)
 The constructor. More...
void mutexSet ()
 Lock the dispatcher thread. More...
void mutexRelease ()
 Releases the mutex if this is the last 'pop'. More...
ThreadMutexgetMutex ()
 Returns the SoDisp mutex.
void setExit ()
 The callbacks can force the dispatcher to exit the run method.
void run (S32 timeout=-1)
 Call the socket dispatcher loop, which dispatches HTTP requests. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoDisp()

SoDisp::SoDisp ( ThreadMutex mutex)

The constructor.

mutexis protecting the web-server code.

Member Function Documentation

◆ mutexRelease()

void SoDisp::mutexRelease ( )

Releases the mutex if this is the last 'pop'.

Releases the mutex set with function SoDisp::mutexSet.

◆ mutexSet()

void SoDisp::mutexSet ( )

Lock the dispatcher thread.

This function protects the web-server with a mutex and makes it possible for threads to call functions in the web-server. One mutexSet call must be followed by one HttpServer::mutexRelease call.

◆ run()

void SoDisp::run ( S32  timeout = -1)

Call the socket dispatcher loop, which dispatches HTTP requests.

The default argument for C++ is to set timeout=-1, which makes the function block, i.e. never return. C code must always provide an argument, which is normally -1. The function can be used with a polled-based system by setting the timeout value.

printf("Execute SoDisp::run\n");
dispatcher->run(1100); //Set poll frequency to 1.1 second.

This method is used with the generic dispatcher.