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Detailed Description

The ZipIo class makes it possible for the web-server to work with resources in a ZIP file as if the ZIP file is a read-only file system.

The most common archive format, ZIP-File, is an "archive" that can contain one or more files. Usually the files "archived" in a ZIP-File are compressed to save space.

A ZIP-File contains a central repository, which stores the original directory structure that was archived. You can think of the central repository as a "read only" file system. The ZipIo class can decode and interpret the central repository in a ZIP-File.

The ZipIo class can automatically convert the internal ZIP data to a GZIP file without using an uncompressing library. Many browsers support the GZIP format and a file inside a ZIP-File can easily be transformed into a GZIP file.

Whenever a browser requests a file that is in a ZIP-File, the ZipIo class extracts the file, appends a GZIP header to the compressed data, and sends the file as a GZIP file to the browser.

A compression library is only needed if you have to support older browsers or if you plan to use method HttpResponse::include with Zip-Files. See Server Side Include files in the user manual for more information.

It is possible to create a non compressed ZIP file, which can be used without the aforementioned restrictions. A non compressed ZIP file is created by running: zip -0 args. See ZIP man page for more info. On windows, open a bash shell (Cygwin) and type one of:
info zip
zip -h

Directory and file names in the ZIP file must be stored as ASCII or UTF8.

A ZIP-File can be made plug-able; that is, you can add and remove a Zip-File from the virtual file system. The ZIP-File uses a ZipReader class, which inherits from CspReader, as the interface to the Zip-File. The example directory contains the FileZipReader which is an example implementation of a ZipReader.

#include <ZipIo.h>

Inheritance diagram for ZipIo:

Public Member Functions

 ZipIo (ZipReader *reader, size_t size=256, AllocatorIntf *alloc=0)
 ZipIo constructor. More...
 ~ZipIo ()
 ZipIo destructor.
ZipErr getECode ()
 Returns an error code if the ZipIo constructor failed.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from IoIntf
IoIntf_Property propertyFp
 Set or get property.
IoIntf_CloseDir closeDirFp
 Close directory.
IoIntf_MkDir mkDirFp
 Make directory. More...
IoIntf_Rename renameFp
 Rename resource. More...
IoIntf_OpenDir openDirFp
 Open directory.
IoIntf_OpenRes openResFp
 Open resource.
IoIntf_OpenResGzip openResGzipFp
 Open file as a compressed gzip file. More...
IoIntf_Remove removeFp
 Remove file. More...
IoIntf_RmDir rmDirFp
 Remove directory. More...
IoIntf_Stat statFp
 Get resource information.