Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
UBJVal Struct Reference

Detailed Description

UBJParser Value (passed into the parser callback interface UBJPIntf)

#include <ubjson.h>

Public Attributes

union {
   U8   uint8
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Uint8 or UBJT_Boolean.
   S8   int8
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Uint8.
   char   ch
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Char.
   S16   int16
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Int16.
   S32   int32
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Int32.
   S64   int64
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Int64.
   double   float64
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Float64.
   float   float32
 Use when 't' is UBJT_Float32.
   const char *   string
 Use when 't' is UBJT_String.
 The value type is controlled by type (t)
S32 len
 When t=UBJT_Count: container len, When t=UBJT_String: string chunk len.
S32 x
 When t=UBJT_Count: type UBJT. More...
char * name
 Object member name: set when parent is an object.
U8 t
 UBJSON Type, t is set to one of the types in UBJT.

Member Data Documentation

◆ x

S32 UBJVal::x

When t=UBJT_Count: type UBJT.

When t=UBJT_String: remaining string length