Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
UBJParser Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The UBJSON parser parses a binary UBJSON stream and calls the UBJPIntf callback interface for each parsed object/primitive type.

See also

#include <ubjson.h>

Public Member Functions

 UBJParser (UBJPIntf *intf, char *name, int memberNameLen, int extraStackLen=0)
 Create the callback interface object. More...
int parse (const U8 *buf, U32 size)
 Parse a UBJSON chunk. More...
 ~UBJParser ()
int getIndex ()
 Returns the current container index position when parsing an optimized container.
int getCount ()
 Returns the length of the optimized container when type (t) is UBJT_Count.
int getStatus ()
 Returns the parser status. More...