Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
OpenSslCon Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 OpenSslCon (SSL_CTX *ctx, struct HttpServer *server, U16 port, BaBool setIP6, const void *interfaceName)
 Create an OpenSSL Server Connection Object. More...
int setPort (U16 portNumber, bool setIp6=false, const void *interfaceName=0)
 Change the port number for the "listen" object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpenSslCon()

OpenSslCon::OpenSslCon ( SSL_CTX *  ctx,
struct HttpServer server,
U16  port,
BaBool  setIP6,
const void *  interfaceName 

Create an OpenSSL Server Connection Object.

ctxan initialized SSL_CTX object.
serveris the web-server object.
portthe server port; normally port 443
setIP6Set protcol version. This parameter is ignored unless the underlying TCP/IP stack is a dual IP V4 and IP V6 stack.
interfaceNamethe name of the interface used when binding the server socket. If this is zero, any available interface will be selected.