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DavAuth Struct Reference

Detailed Description

This class implements HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest authentication.

The client selects the HTTP authentication method it wants to use. The authenticator also handles the domain name prefix added to the user name by many Microsoft HTTP clients.

This class was specifically designed for our WebDAV plugin, but the authenticator is also useful when authenticating non-browser clients in a mixed environment.

#include <DavAuth.h>

Inheritance diagram for DavAuth:

Public Member Functions

 DavAuth (UserIntf *userDbIntf, const char *realm)
 Create a DavAuth instance. More...
BasicAuthenticatorgetBasicAuth ()
 Get the internal BasicAuthenticator.
DigestAuthenticatorgetDigestAuth ()
 Get the internal DigestAuthenticator.
void setLoginTracker (LoginTracker *tracker)
 Prevent dictionary attacks. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthenticatorIntf
 AuthenticatorIntf (AuthenticatorIntf_Authenticate authenticate)
 The constructor is used by one of the BasicAuthenticator, DigestAuthenticator or FormAuthenticator constructors.
AuthenticatedUserauthenticate (const char *relPath, HttpCommand *cmd)
 Authenticate the user. More...