Barracuda Application Server C/C++ Reference
BasicAuthenticator Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Implements Basic Authentication.

Please see the User Authentication documentation for more information.

#include <BasicAuthenticator.h>

Inheritance diagram for BasicAuthenticator:

Public Member Functions

 BasicAuthenticator (UserIntf *userDbIntf, const char *realm, LoginRespIntf *sendLogin)
void setLoginTracker (LoginTracker *tracker)
 Prevent dictionary attacks. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AuthenticatorIntf
 AuthenticatorIntf (AuthenticatorIntf_Authenticate authenticate)
 The constructor is used by one of the BasicAuthenticator, DigestAuthenticator or FormAuthenticator constructors.
AuthenticatedUserauthenticate (const char *relPath, HttpCommand *cmd)
 Authenticate the user. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void setAutHeader (const char *realm, HttpResponse *response)
 Sets a HTTP basic authenticate header and sets status to. More...