SharkSSL™ Embedded SSL/TLS Stack
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 SharkSsl Configuration (macros)Add/remove SharkSSL features and/or optimize for speed versus size
 HASH algorithms
 Core APIThe transport agnostic SharkSSL API
 SSL Session ManagementSSL Session resumption can significantly speed up the SSL handshaking
 Client Session Cache ManagerSimplifies SSL client session management when connectiong to an arbitrary number of servers
 Certificate Management APIOptional high level certificate management API
 SharkSsl info and statusSharkSsl information classes and return values
 SSL/TLS Alert CodesAlert messages are generated by SharkSSL or the peer side on errors
 SSL/TLS Alert MessagesAlert messages returned by function SharkSslCon_getAlertDescription
 Supported CiphersuitesSupported Ciphersuites and values returned by SharkSslCon_getCiphersuite
 SSL and TLS protocol versionReturn values from function SharkSslCon_getProtocol
 Peer's certificate informationCertificate information returned by SharkSslCon_getCertInfo
 RayCrypto APICryptographic functions, including RSA, ECC, AES, hashing, etc.
 MD5MD5 cryptographic hash
 SHA1SHA1 cryptographic hash
 SHA256SHA256 cryptographic hash
 SHA384SHA384 cryptographic hash
 SHA512SHA512 cryptographic hash
 HMACHMAC keyed-hash message authentication code (in conjunction with: MD5,SHA1,SHA256,SHA384,SHA512)
 ECDSA sign/verify functionsSee Signing and Verifying Binaries for an example of how to use the ECDSA ECDSA sign/verify functions
 RSA encrypt/decrypt functions
 SharkSSL ExamplesClient and server SSL/TLS examples
 Minnow ServerCompact HTTPS and WebSocket Server
 Minnow Server Error CodesError codes returned by functions in the Minnow Server Lib
 Minnow Server Helper FunctionsMinnow Server Helper Functions
 Minnow Server ZIP File System PluginThe ZipFileSystem is an optional plugin that requires the Barracuda Web Server ZipFileIterator plugin
 ZIP File System IOMinnow Server ZIP file system IO plugin
 SharkMQA secure SimpleMQ client designed for SharkSSL
 Error codes returned by function SharkMQ_getMessage
 Response codes returned by function SharkMQ_getMessage
 SharkMQTTA secure MQTT client designed for SharkSSL
 Error codes returned by function SharkMQTT_getMessage
 Response codes returned by function SharkMQTT_getMessage
 WebSocket Client LibA compact WebSocket client library
 WebSocket OpcodesWebSocket Opcodes
 SharkSSL Socket Example LibThe SharkSSL Socket Example Lib (selib.h/selib.c) is a basic module that wraps the transport agnostic SharkSSL functions for encoding and decoding into functions that interface to TCP/IP socket calls
 Bare Metal Systems
 Context Manager
The SeCtx library makes it possible to use sequential functions in
an event driven system such as a bare metal (non RTOS) system.
 Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolA minimal secure SMTP client library (SMTPS and STARTTLS)