SharkSSL™ Embedded SSL/TLS Stack

Detailed Description

WebSocket Opcodes.

RFC6455 Page 29 - Opcode - 4 bits

WebSocket Opcodes with FIN=1. We do not manage WebSocket fragments (FIN=0/1) since it is rarely used and the complexity is not something you want in a tiny device.


#define WSOP_Text   0x81
#define WSOP_Binary   0x82
#define WSOP_Close   0x88
 RFC6455 5.5 - Control Frame - Close.
#define WSOP_Ping   0x89
 RFC6455 5.5 - Control Frame - Ping.
#define WSOP_Pong   0x8A
 RFC6455 5.5 - Control Frame - Pong.