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JParserValFact Struct Reference

Detailed Description

JParserValFact is the JVal JSON parser factory class.

An instance of this class is connected to an instance of the JParser. The JParser communicates with the JVal factory when parsing JSON, and the JVal factory creates JVal objects.

Method getFirstVal returns the first value in the syntax tree.

The class automatically manages the nodes allocated. The allocated nodes are automatically de-allocated when the destructor runs. You can manage the values by calling JParserValFact::manageFirstVal or by calling JVal::manageJ on any of the children.

See also

#include <JVal.h>

Inheritance diagram for JParserValFact:

Public Member Functions

 JParserValFact (AllocatorIntf *vAlloc, AllocatorIntf *dAlloc)
 create a JParserValFact JVal factory instance. More...
 ~JParserValFact ()
 The destructor terminates all nodes not managed.
JValgetFirstVal ()
 Returns the root of the JVal syntax tree.
JValmanageFirstVal ()
 Similar to getFirstVal, but you must manage the JVal tree as the value is detached from the JParserValFact.
void termFirstVal ()
 Terminate the syntax tree such that the JParserValFact instance can be reused when the JParser instance parses the next JSON object in a stream.
- Public Member Functions inherited from JParserIntf
 JParserIntf (JParserIntf_Service s)
 Create the callback interface object. More...
int serviceCB (JParserVal *v, int recLevel)
 Calling the JParserIntf service function is typically performed in a design using a chained parser callback interface. More...