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JDecoder Struct Reference

Detailed Description

JDecoder implements the parser callback API JParserIntf and builds a pointer value tree when JDecoder::get is called.

The pointer value tree is used by the parser callback when the parser feeds the callback with parsed data.

See the JSON and UBJSON tutorial for more information on using JDecoder.

#include <JDecoder.h>

Inheritance diagram for JDecoder:

Public Member Functions

int vget (const char *fmt, va_list *argList)
 See JDecoder::get for details.
int get (const char *fmt,...)
 Build a pointer value tree that is used by the integrated parser callback function when the parser feeds elements to the JDecoder instance. More...
 JDecoder (U8 *buf, int bufSize, int extraStackLen=0)
 Create/initialize a JDecoder instance. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from JParserIntf
 JParserIntf (JParserIntf_Service s)
 Create the callback interface object. More...
int serviceCB (JParserVal *v, int recLevel)
 Calling the JParserIntf service function is typically performed in a design using a chained parser callback interface. More...