Lua Server Pages Examples

All LSP examples are designed to be loaded via the LSP Application Manager, which is also delivered as an example program. The LSP Application Manager can be found together with the C/C++ examples since the Application Manager contains both C and LSP code. You do not have to study the C and Lua code delivered with the LSP Application Manager as you can simply use the LSP Application Manager as a tool. The bin directory contains a pre-built and ready to use LSP Application Manager.

The LSP Application Manager

  • Shortens the learning curve.
  • Shortens the development time.

The LSP Application Manager is a tool designed to load, start, and stop the LSP examples.

LSP Application Manager

Run any of the example programs as follows:

  1. Start bin/lspappmgr.
  2. Make note of the port number used by the server. The server attempts to open port 80, and if this fails, the server attempts to open port 9357.
  3. Start your browser and navigate to http://localhost:9357, where 9357 is the port number used by the server.
  4. Create the LSP Application Manager's configuration file if this is the first time you run the LSP Application Manager.
  5. Download one of our example LSP applications and save the ZIP file, without uncompressing the content, in a directory which can be accessed via a disk file system or a net file system.
  6. Load the LSP application using the LSP Application Manager.

See the LSP Application Manager Example for detailed information.