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In today's Internet of Things, devices are the intelligence behind efficient building control, industrial production, military equipment, and smart consumer applications. If you can quickly and efficiently master the embedded web applications that manage and drive these devices, then your business wins. Real Time Logic products help you do this. Now you can incorporate the latest enterprise-level security and web functionality to provide dynamic, user-friendly interfaces even in compact, low-power, embedded devices.

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Software Optimized for the Embedded "Internet of Things"

  • What We Do:

    Real Time Logic software is hard at work in a wide range of embedded web applications:

    • Building Control, Efficiency, Automation, & Security
    • Industrial Control, M2M, & H2M communication
    • Military Devices & Remote Device Management
    • Medical Devices
    • Consumer Electronics
  • We Make M2M Communications Safe

    With the advent of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, embedded device security is critical for the systems that underpin utility grids, transportation systems, industrial networks, and military & aerospace applications. These networks rely on constant communication as sensor or device nodes receive instructions from back-end systems and then send data back. A secured Internet application ensures risk-free remote management for safe device maintenance and firmware upgrades. Our SharkSSL TLS/SSL stack provides rock-solid security for any device.

  • Shorten Development Time with Our Lua Server Pages

    Developing web applications is different than developing traditional embedded software. The Lua Server Pages (LSP) scripting engine included in the Barracuda Application Server helps you easily create advanced web-based, Human-to-Machine (H2M) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication for your devices. And Lua Server Pages dramatically shorten development time over traditional C/C++.

  • Reduce Costs and Time to Market with Our Tools

    For many embedded developers, web application development, M2M communication, and security is a whole new ball game. Common misperceptions about device-level web development can result in the selection of the wrong choice of development tools which causes frustration and delayed projects. Our tools are designed to simplify and speed up the development process, cutting costs and time to market.

  • We Help You to Meet Your Customers’ Expectations

    Meeting Smartphone-savvy users' GUI expectations is a challenge, and you don’t want to spend unnecessary effort and development time on the user interface by using tools that take your focus away from your own technology. Our development tools are specifically designed to enable embedded programmers to rapidly design the user interfaces and M2M communications required by end-users of today, that supports fast prototyping/development directly on small embedded systems, and that lets you to focus on higher level design. LEARN MORE

Full Source Code

Real Time Logic products ship with full source code which gives the developer the same flexibility as open source products, but with the benefit of support. With source code, you can study and modify the code as needed. We also provide a full source code evaluation license, letting you test our code prior to purchasing the product(s). All products are designed as "C" source code libraries which can be cross-compiled and linked with your existing code.

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