Barracuda SOAP

Barracuda support for SOAP web services is based on two foundations:

  • An optimised, fully utf-8 aware XML parser implemented in "C" code.
  • A SOAP stack implemented in the Lua Scripting Language.

The Barracuda SOAP stack is very easy to use and shields you from the typical low level API's required by SOAP stacks intended to be used by "C" code. Most SOAP implementations require that you manually create a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file and use a host parser to create the "C" code runtime for the WSDL. In addition, you are typically required to make sure the WSDL file matches your SOAP functions, a tedious and error prone process. None of this is required when using the Barracuda SOAP stack. You simply declare your SOAP services as standard Lua functions. The SOAP stack automatically creates the required WSDL file from your Lua function declarations.


  • The WSDL is automatically generated and you do not need to learn WSDL when using Barracuda SOAP.
  • Although the xml parser is accessible from "C" code, the use of Lua drastically simplifies defining and coding of web services.
  • Barracuda SOAP provides full HTTP header control and support for conditional HTTP requests, allowing control over client caching of web service responses.