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Real Time Logic products help developers create embedded web applications with dynamic, user-friendly interfaces on compact, low-power devices. We deliver fast, enterprise-level security and web functionality that meets today’s demands for secure, remote application management and control. Real Time Logic’s web application and security tools are highly optimized for embedded devices in industrial and building control, military, medical, and consumer markets.

Your Secure IoT Expert

Real Time Logic's flagship product, the Barracuda Application Server, offers a complete suite of embedded web application tools for device web server development, connectivity, and security. Our family of development tools also includes the Barracuda Application Server and the SharkSSL embedded SSL/TLS library to help you build device-oriented and secure remote application and management systems. Our products have been ported to many well-known operating systems, including INTEGRITY and µ-velOSity (Green Hills Software), VxWorks (Wind River), ThreadX/NetX (Express Logic), QNX (QNX Software Systems), Embedded Linux, Windows CE, embOS (SEGGER), SMX (Micro Digital), and MQX (Freescale). Both the Barracuda Application Server and the Barracuda Web Server can easily be ported to additional operating systems as needed. SharkSSL can also run on bare metal without an operating system.

Real Time Logic's proven technology has been incorporated into products manufactured by Honeywell, ABB, and large military suppliers and consumer products vendors around the world. Founded in 2006, Real Time Logic is headquartered in Monarch Beach, California, with a worldwide distributor and support network.