SharkSSL™ Embedded SSL/TLS Stack
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CCentralDirIteratorLow level ZIP file central directory iterator
 CMqttCredentialsOptional credentials used when calling function SharkMQTT_connect
 CMqttWillMsgOptional MQTT Will Message; used when calling function SharkMQTT_connect
 CMSMS: Minnow Server HTTP(S) and (secure) WebSocket Server
 CMSTThe Minnow Server Transmission Class defines a set of functions for reading and writing socket data either in secure mode using SharkSSL or non secure mode
 CMSTBufThe Minnow Server Transmission Buffer is used by the Minnow Server Transmission (MST) class when used in non secure mode
 CSeCtxSeCtx structure: See Context Manager and Bare Metal Systems for details
 CSharkMQSharkMQ structure
 CSharkMQTTSharkMQTT structure
 CSharkSslA SharkSsl object is the coordinator for managing SharkSslCon objects (See SharkSsl_constructor for details)
 CSharkSslASN1CreateOpaque object used when creating ASN.1 encoded data
 CSharkSslCertDNCertificate KeyUsage and ExtendedKeyUsage flags and relative pseudofunctions
 CSharkSslCertInfoThe peer's certificate information returned by SharkSslCon_getCertInfo
 CSharkSslCertStoreSharkSslCertStore is a container object used when assembling a SharkSslCAList
 CSharkSslSCMgrSee SharkSslSCMgr_constructor for details
 CSharkSslSCMgrNodeThe handle returned by SharkSslSCMgr_get and passed into SharkSslSCMgr_save
 CSMTPThis class is a minimal SMTP client that takes an email message body and passes it on to a SMTP server
 CSubjectAltNameEnumeratorSubjectAltName Iterator
 CWscReadStateThe WebSocket protocol is frame based and the following struct keeps state information for wscRead
 CWssProtocolHandshakeThe WssProtocolHandshake structure keeps state information for the web server function MS_ebServer
 CWssReadStateThe WS protocol is frame based, and struct WssReadState keeps state information for the Minnow Server's MS_read function
 CZipContainerA ZipContainer is a buffer used by a ZipIo when reading data from a ZipReader
 CZipFileInfoLow level ZIP file information used internally by the Zip File System
 CZipFileSystemThe ZipFileSystem handle
 CZipReaderAbstract interface class for reading a ZipFile