World IT Show Korea

Real Time Logic attended the World IT Show in Seoul, Korea via its local Coressent team. The 2 event was a huge success with booth attendance and interest in the product demonstrations exceeding 350 direct visitors. The highlight of interest surrounded the SMQ (Simple Message Queues) demonstration that allowed event visitors to gain real-time (secure) SSL|TLS control over street lamps via their personal handsets by using the new IoT Protocol Client and cloud server hosted SMQ Broker. The ease of implementation and ability to reside in low-cost, low memory environments provided visual insight for how manufactures could easily adopt and deploy the technology within their own products.

Demonstration Details

Picture 1: LED light control system powered by the Barracuda App Server (BAS)

  • Device: STM32F746-DISCO & RS-485 Arduino extension board.
  • S/W Integration: FreeRTOS, lwIP(Ethernet), BAS, and TouchGFX


  • Local light control using TouchGFX
  • Remote light control for accessing BAS via Web-browser on PC
  • STM32F746 control LED light On/off & Dimming control using RS-485 communication
SMQ IoT protocol

Picture 2: LED light control system using SMQ

  • Device: STM32F746-DISCO & RS-485 Arduino extension board
  • Broker: SMQ Broker runs on a Linux cloud server
  • S/W Integration: FreeRTOS / lwIP(Ethernet) / SMQ client / TouchGFX


  • Local light control using TouchGFX
  • Remote light control using Android App with SMQ client
  • STM32F746 control LED light On/off & Dimming control using RS-485 communication
SMQ IoT protocol

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