Secure IoT Protocols

We have released two new secure IoT protocols. Both protocols use the SharkSSL TLS stack for strong authentication management and secure (encrypted) communication. The secure IoT protocols are optimized for resource constrained microcontrollers.

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1 SharkMQTT: Microcontroller Friendly Secure IoT Protocol

MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/"Internet of Things" connectivity protocol. It was designed as a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol by IBM.

SharkMQTT is an extremely compact and secure MQTT client library optimized for memory constrained embedded systems.

Visit the SharkMQTT home page for more information.

2 SMQ: Microcontroller Friendly Secure IoT Protocol

Simple Message Queue (SMQ) is an easy to use "Internet of Things" IoT / M2M "Machine-to-Machine" publish subscribe connectivity protocol designed and optimized for embedded systems.

Embedded devices often require special conditions for low power consumption and memory constrained environments. SMQ delivers a light-weight, non-complex, instantaneous internet connectivity solution that is ubiquitous to cross industry applications be it Device to Device, Browser App to App or Device to Browser Application.

SMQ streamlines traditional publish subscribe principles while adding benefits for direct addressing, observation, and pre-integrated security as an option.

  • TCP Based
  • Asynchronous
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Few verbs
  • Payload agnostic
Two device code versions:
  • SMQ C Client Library (non encrypted communication)
  • SharkMQ™ C Client Library (encrypted communication via SharkSSL)
Complete secure IoT solution in 38Kb

A complete reference platform in
38K ROM and 13K RAM.

Visit the SMQ home page for more information.

A complete secure IoT solution in 38K ROM and 13K RAM

The figure to the right shows our bare metal SharkMQ™ reference platform is a mere 38Kb ROM and 13Kb RAM. The reference platform includes application (demo) code, SharkMQ, SharkSSL, TCP/IP stack, and drivers; all in tiny 38Kb. Also the complete RAM usage for the entire system is only 13Kb. As proof, we have made the linker's map file available for download.

Visit the SharkMQ home page for more information.

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