The JavaScript EventHandler Stack

The JavaScript EventHandler Stack

This document is the API Specification for The JavaScript EventHandler Stack.


The reference manual for the JavaScript code is generated by a free tool, which unfortunately has a few bugs. The tool generates documentation for internal data that is of no concern to you. This means that classes and methods not documented should not be used.

The main JavaScript class is the EventHandler. The EventHandler class uses a number of other classes internally. Some of these classes may be of use to you such as the HttpAsynchRpc class, the XMLHttpRequestWrapper class, and the Timer class.

Loading the Client EventHandler Code

The client JavaScript EventHandler Stack is normally loaded from the origin server. The default path to the EventHandler code is '/rtl/eh'. The client EventHandler code can be found in the file in the 'autogen' directory under the Barracuda installation directory. You can either unzip the ZIP file and incorporate the code into your own html directory or use the autogen/ClientEh.c file, which is the file converted to C code.

Content of

            eh.js        The EventHandler including the iframe PushConnection.

File Summary

The JavaScript EventHandler Stack

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