Barracuda JavaScript Libraries

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) running in a browser can communicate with a server by using the XMLHttpRequest object built into most modern browsers. The Barracuda Embedded Web-Server comes with ready to use JavaScript libraries for making it easier to communicate with a server. The client JavaScript libraries are loaded by a RIA from the server when the application starts in a browser.

The 'autogen' directory in the Barracuda installation provides a number of ZIP files that contain client JavaScript libraries for RIAs. These ZIP files can either be unzipped and included in your application, or you can install the ZIP files standalone as resource readers in the Virtual File System. The 'autogen' directory contains a number of C files that can be optionally integrated into your application. The C files are typically used by firmware designers. The C files are the ZIP files converted to C code, which are ready to be installed in the Virtual File System as resource readers.

The Barracuda Server provides Lua and C/C++ server XML-RPC implementations, but no JavaScript XML-RPC client library. We suggest using JSON-RPC when communicating between a browser based RIA and the server.